Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sex, NY Times, and woman over 50

Ah, should have guessed: The NYTimes article tomorrow about sex and the older woman is prompted, in part, by Gail Sheehy upcoming book. The article is online tonight. Here's one excerpt from the article:

"But attitudes have been shifting. The generation of women liberated by feminism and the Pill in the 1960's aren't slipping quietly into postmenopausal celibacy; and books and movies are reflecting the change.

"There is a raft of new books with the message that women over 50 can be sexually attractive and can have great sex, including Gail Sheehy's "Sex and the Seasoned Woman," an anecdote-filled compendium of women living what Ms. Sheehy calls "fully and passionately," coming out this month from Random House."

Interesting angle, mentioned in the article, is how adult children react to their parents sexuality.

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