Thursday, January 05, 2006

The "big lump" generation turning 60

Found this editorial on an English-language news site in Japan:
When these people were born, some rubble from the devastating wartime air raids still remained. Japan's people were hungry, but peace was returning to the land. Then, in the three years from 1947-49, some 8 million babies were born in this war-ravaged country, creating Japan's first and biggest postwar baby boom.

This generation later came to be known as the dankai no sedai ("big lump" generation). Starting in 2007, these baby boomers will start entering retirement in huge numbers.

The dankai generation has brought many drastic changes and frictions to society as they have progressed through each stage of life.

The rest goes on to talk, in terms familiar to any age beater in America, about the impact of this "big lumpers," even mentioning a new magazine for them, named, sadly, after a flightless bird (not the dodo).

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