Thursday, January 12, 2006

Calif. joins states helping on Medicare

Just posted on LA Times web site:

"SACRAMENTO -- California officials ordered emergency action today to cover drug costs for hundreds of thousands of elderly Californians who have been caught in a maddening cycle of bureaucratic glitches in the new federal prescription drug program.

"The action by California capped a day in which the new Medicare prescription drug program -- one of President Bush's signature domestic policy initiatives -- came under withering criticism across the country from governors and members of Congress of both political parties. Critics said the program, which Bush had touted as the most significant advance in Medicare in 40 years, was fast becoming a public health emergency."

As I mentioned in a post this morning, this is obviously coming to dominate Medicare news in many places. Anyone predict a repeat of the catastrophic health care repeal from 1980s? Older people chasing congressmen down the street?

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Blue Cross of California said...

I am happy to hear California joining states with helping on medicare. Great health coverage is important to all.