Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year! now go to bed!

Not sure it was a sign of the passing of an era, but I found myself watching Carson Daly ring in the New Year on NBC because it was too sad and painful to hear the post-stroke Dick Clark, no longer America's Eternal Teenager. And then, after feeling a little old with the passing of another year, especially since I knew NONE of the musical acts, on comes an ad -- at 12:06 -- noting that the baby boomers are turning 60! There is a man -- if he was someone famous, it was lost on me -- playing guitar, rocking out. The implication -- hey, this is what 60 looks like! The advertiser -- a financial services firm. If there ever was a death knell for the 60s, it was there -- they play John Lennon's Imagine on the run up to midnight, then Carson Daly counts it down for the MTV generation, then they try to sell us boomers on financial planning with some aging rock star persona. Remember -- 2006 is only 5 years from the year the first boomer turns 65!

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