Friday, October 07, 2005

New aging podcast from NPR

Podcasts -- audio files you can play on your iPod or other mp3 player
have saved my sanity on my commute to work. NPR has put several of its
programs, like Science Friday, online to download and grouped other
segments on health and books into a single podcast. One I like is
"Story of the Day," sort of a "best of NPR" on any given day. Tonight,
NPR posted this "Grandmother: A Story of Aging, Decline and Love."
Here NPR's description:

producer Jake Warga chronicles the life and decline of his paternal
grandmother. As she grew older, she mistook Warga for his father, who
had already died. Warga tells the story of how and when she started to
forget things as she entered her 90s."

If you have iTunes, you can find this and others under Podcasts at the
Music Store. You also can find it and other NPR podcasts here

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