Thursday, October 13, 2005

Boomers, get your motors running...

Harley Davidson reported another good quarter of earnings, and, surprise, it's boomers who are helping the Milwaukee motocycle company. It's because -- I love reading this just before I check my own bank account -- "Baby boomers, generally, have a higher income," Don Brown, a motorcycle market analyst in Irvine, Calif. told the York (Pa.) Daily Record in today's edition. "They're older. They already have a nest egg in the bank. They are not affected by the general recession." Bike sales are increasing, with older rides going more for Harley's while younger ones go for sleek street bikes. If you think boomers on bikes is interesting, check crash stats. Some data, especially as it relates to alcohol involvement, suggests boomers are more likely to drink and crash than other age groups. See this from CDC.

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