Monday, October 10, 2005

Boomers OD on drugs, CEOs on...Social Security?

Couple things from today:

/ From LA Times today (and wonder if true in other states: Californians age 40 and older are dying of drug overdoses at double the rate recorded in 1990, a little-noticed trend that upends the notion of hard-core drug use as primarily a young person's peril. Indeed, overdoses among baby boomers are driving an overall increase in drug deaths so dramatic that soon they may surpass automobile accidents as the state's leading cause of nonnatural deaths. Find the article here.

/ From PricewaterhouseCoopers' Trendsetter Barometer: The majority of fast-growth CEOs describe the Social Security program as "in a crisis state," requiring an immediate, long-term fiscal solution. And, one-third says their business has been adversely affected by higher Social Security taxes over the past two years. But, like Congress, they see only a few options, most accompanied by heavy baggage. Find the full survey here.

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