Wednesday, March 15, 2006

“It's your responsibility to help your mom”

From tomorrow's Washington Post but online tonight -- Bush Prescribes Family Help on Drug Plan: “Faced with a persistent questioner who asked him what could be done to help her elderly mother understand Medicare's new prescription drug plan, President Bush offered a suggestion that at first elicited shocked gasps, and then supportive applause, from an audience of retirees in Silver Spring yesterday.”Look, I'm not going to tell you your business, but I think it's your responsibility to help your mom,“ Bush told Wendy Meyeroff. She had asked him to consider extending the May 15 deadline for registering for the new benefit without a penalty, but Bush refused.”

When I read that, I wonder two things: Is it insulting to assume seniors NEED the help of their boomer children? Or, conversely, is it that the plan is too complicated for even boomers?

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dechtre said...

I work as a customer service rep for the 1-800-MEDICARE helpline and I find it appalling that our president just assumes that all our elderly and disabled have someone to help them understand their choices. Currently, we are overwhelmed with calls from people who are having trouble getting their medications because when they signed up or were auto-enrolled, they were misenformed or didn't understand the program. These plans are so complicated that even though we received 3 weeks of intensive training before ever taking the first call and receive weekly refresher training courses, even we have trouble trying to explain it to beneficiaries. And for alot of people who are supposed to receive the extra help with the costs, the information doesn't even show in their plans' systems. It's heart-wrenching to receive a call from an elderly person who can't afford to get their much needed medications, crying and begging you to help them. The option we are given is to file a complaint with CMS on their behalf and assure them that someone will call them back to help them resolve their problem, which doesn't always happen. I have had to do a number of second complaints because people have waited weeks and received no call back. It's just all a terrible mess.