Saturday, March 04, 2006

AARP's and Medicare Part D

From today's LA Times: New Drug Program Is a Benefit for AARP - Los Angeles Times:
WASHINGTON — In late 2003, when the Bush administration was struggling to get its Medicare prescription drug program through Congress, a timely endorsement by AARP helped turn the tide in its favor. But the program has become more than just a legislative victory for the influential lobbying group and its pro-senior-citizen agenda. The private insurance plan carrying AARP's label is emerging as the leading choice of Medicare beneficiaries signing up for drug coverage. With at least 1.8 million members and counting, the AARP plan has the potential to generate royalty revenues amounting to tens of millions of dollars for the organization. ... AARP spokesman Steve Hahn (said), “Any money AARP makes will get plowed back into the services our members want.”

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